Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Flavor Fav boyyyeeeeee!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


February 15th:  “Thank you all for helping me kill the game,,, Without you this could not be possible, FLAVOR FLAV”

Kill the game?  Did he go hunting?

February 19th:  “We got a big show commin up soon ,,, follow my boy So stay tuned to the vegas ventures,!!! Boooyyyyeeeee,!!”

Aw, he said it!  Well, typed it anyway.

March 20th:  “R I P Chuck Berry i’ve been a fan my whole life since I was four years old, All I can say is You did your thing my man God bless/FLAVOR-FLAV”

He was legend.  Can’t believe he’s gone.

March 20th:  “To all that wished me a happy birthday on my birthday thank you so much to everybody FLAVOR FLAV”

Aw, man.  Rough news on a birthday.

May 14th:  “ Mother’s Day today to all mothers,,, Flavor Flav”

Flav’s hashtag skills may not be totally on point.

May 19th:  “ cavaliers is the brand-new broom that’s going to sweep the Boston Celtics LeBron James is my favorite player in the NBA right now”

I would’ve guessed he’d be more of an East Coast team guy, but then again, who likes the Knicks?

May 30th:  “ really feel we had a good relationship all this time with Germany until Trump became president,,,, just sayin,,not sure, I might be wrong”

See, that’s the way to put your opinion up when you’re a celebrity.  Not preachy, just throwin’ it out there, not trying to start a fight.

10 hours ago:  “A United States president should not be using Twitter in the first place why is Trump tweeting and causingchaos in the White House? FLAV”

Yeah, I don’t know if he’s causing chaos.  But the wall-to-wall coverage of the tweets sure are.

7 hours ago:  “ Donald Trump is a Twidiot: wich means a tweeting idiot,,, Causing chaos all over,, Missing up relationships with other countries”

The world needs another PE album, Flav.  Return of a Black Planet!

Okay, let’s rate Flav’s tweets.  Surprisingly sane.  I expected all kinds of craziness, but Flav is pretty chill these days.  I give him a 7 for Insanity, a 7 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8, but I’m bumping it to 9 because, well, PE!

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