Ingredients: One Margarita, six beers, bottle of spiced rum, ice cream, large glass, wastepaper basket.

Step One: Go out with girlfriend, agree to drink margarita’s with her.

Step Two: Check out hot female bartender’s ass.

Step Three: Get into argument with girlfriend, refuse to follow her out of the bar.

Step Four:  Hit on hot bartender, get turned down.

Step Five:  Become annoyed.  Drink like six beers.

Step Six:  Stagger back to campus with plastic margarita glass.  Decide a root beer float should go inside it.

Step Seven:  Fill margarita glass with root beer.

Step Eight:  Add spiced rum while taking several sips from the bottle.

Step Nine:  Put ice cream in glass.

Step Ten:  Watch float bubble up and all over the table and then the floor.

Step Eleven:  Drink float.

Step Twelve:  Become nauseated because part of the margarita was still in glass.

Step Thirteen:  Throw up in wastepaper basket, but most of it hits the side on the outside.

Step  Fourteen:  Call girlfriend, make drunken promises.

Step Fifteen:  Realize you’ve call the Campus Information hotline and are crying to a recording.

Step Sixteen:  Drink more float.

Step Seventeen:  Vomit.

Step Eighteen:  Decide more root beer will fix drink.

Step Nineteen:  Realize there’s no more root beer.

Step Twenty:  Drink much of the rest of spiced rum.  Black out.