1. “Oh, man.  I am too high to be scamming you right now.”
  2.  “I can send you ten blood diamonds as proof I’m a prince.”
  3.  “I heard the U.S. has amazing penis medicine.  Is that true?”
  4.  “Click this link to see the naked Nigerian Prince webcam!”
  5.  “Please pass along this scam to ten other people or you run the risk of no one being scammed.”
  6.  “I’m aiming an AK-47 right at my computer screen, so pay up!”
  7.  “Look, Africa is really messed up.  Even if you sent like 50 cents, we could feed like 100 people.”
  8.  “Hey, we don’t have any doctors here.  If I send you a pic of my rash, can you diagnose me?”
  9.  “I attached some Family Guy erotic fan fiction.  Could you give me some feedback?”
  10.  “Hey, could you forward this to Donald Trump?  He seems pretty dumb.”