Congress just passed a bill to fund NASA to get people to Mars.  Here’s who I’d like to see go.

  1.  Matt Damon (to see his Martian skills and Jason Bourne skills combine)
  2.  Anyone that changes their Facebook profile picture more than once a month.
  3.  Samuel L. Jackson (because it’s the only thing he hasn’t been in)
  4.  Hillary Clinton (maybe she can run for president there)
  5.  People that insist on pronouncing their common name like it was different.  Like pronouncing “Michelle” like “Mik-elly”.
  6.  The inventor of this.
  7.  Tony Romo (the less gravity could allow him to continue as a quarterback)
  8.  Taylor Swift (because I’m just sick of her)
  9.  George W. Bush (anything to get him off of talk shows here)
  10.  Anyone that has ever mistook an Onion headline as a real news item.