2017 is here and I, for one, am glad.  New years mean new possibilities.  Here are Thing Things I’d Like to See in 2017.

  1.  A political Facebook meme I wouldn’t be embarrassed to upvote.
  2.  The orderly evacuation of U.S. troops from at least ONE country.
  3.  The cancellation of The Last Man on Earth.  (Seriously, how many people are in the cast now?!)
  4.  An awesome new season of Archer.
  5.  An even more awesome new season of Rick and Morty.
  6.  The cancellation of The Walking Dead.  (C’mon, it’s done.)
  7.  I’d like to see more Fast Food Reviews from me, although from better restaurants.
  8.  A sushi restaurant that is super affordable, but, ya know, won’t give me parasites.
  9.  Google Fiber driving Comcast out of business.
  10.  I could do without politics in the news for a few weeks so I could possibly have something else to write jokes about!