An Iranian vampire movie? Sign me up. Now playing on Netflix, this very indie movie is part creepy and part romantic. You’re never quite sure where it’s going and I have to say the ending isn’t much of an ending (it just seems to stop). But still, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night has cool moments.

The movie takes place in Bad City, a dreary, oil pumping, industrial town devoid of hope and people. In the empty streets, the female vampire hunts, but she’s not indiscriminate. She has a code and a way of choosing her victims. But at her heart, she is a lonely soul. This is the story of how her loneliness might come to an end.

It’s pacing is pretty slow. There are long moments with music and characters looking at each other. There’s not a lot of dialogue and it’s in black and white. Still, it’s worth seeing. You won’t recognize anyone in it and there are subtitles.

Thumbs up, bros.