I like documentaries, but I don’t think they should be that long. I mean, a hour is usually good, unless the subject matter is very, very complicated or interesting.

The subject is a German national who becomes a con artist. In order to keep his con going, he allegedly murders two people in Los Angeles. The bodies are found when the new owners of the house dig up the back yard to build a pool.

Unfortunately, it takes around 30 minutes before the murders are really explained. Talk about burying the lead. Although, in the movie’s defense, I hung on to hear about the murders, so maybe that was a good thing? Still, by the end of the movie, I didn’t feel I had really learned all that much. The interviews were a bit long and tedious. The story in some documentaries emerge through interviews. In this case, it just seemed to be all over the place. In the end, I was glad it was over.

My Friend Rockefeller is playing on Netflix. I’d skip it if I could.