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Wikileaks is killing it on these Hillary emails.  Here now are the 10 Things I Expect from the next scandal.

  1.  Donald Trump’s tanning consultant leaks secrets about President Trump’s leathery hide.
  2. Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary during conjugal visits.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg can’t stop the Bing bar from popping up on his browser either.
  4.  The Walking Dead actually secretly being written by Eli Roth now.
  5.  Taco Bell meat will be revealed to be made from cockroaches that accidentally fall into the sauce.
  6. Caitlyn Jenner is actually two dwarves in costume and only one has had a sex change.
  7. Halloween is all a scam by the American Dental Association who also own M&M’s and Gillette Razor blades.
  8. The Saudi Arabian War on Yemen is actually just a reality show created by Raytheon.
  9. Julian Assange is actually a Muppet.
  10. Disney will produce 1400 Star Wars sequel or until the sun cools.