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Restaurant:  Frog Rock Golf & Country Club

Address:  Hammonton, NJ

Food:  High End Restaurant

Price:  Expensive

Portions:  Large

Taste:  Pretty Good

Service:  Very solid

Atmosphere:  Bar/Banquet Hall


Full disclosure, I have relatives that work in the kitchen here.

After the other day at the Chophouse, me and Missus fell into going to a family outing to the Frog Rock.  Not quite as pricey as the Chophouse and certainly a much better deal since either isn’t ala cart.  Good bread and a really good salad with giant chunks of blue cheese.  The Frog Rock serves frog legs, which I tried for the first time.  I think they were cooked well and yes, they tasted like chicken.  Probably wouldn’t get them again unless they were cooked in wing sauce or something like that.

My entree was the crab cakes, which is one of the things they’re known for.  Really good and filling.  I mean, normally when you order crab cakes there’s a lot of breading and not that much crab.  This was all chunky crab.  Very filling.  I also tasted the prime rib, which was amazingly tender.  Wish I had ordered that instead, but oh well.  Also tasted the lamb.  Very yummy.  My iced tea glass never stayed empty because the waitress brought me pitches and extra lemon.

The Frog Rock is only open certain days now, so call ahead if you’re going to try it.  Stop by in the day and check out their golf course and really nicely kept grounds.

I give the Frog Rock 8.5 out of 10 keggers.