SF Tony Avatar

Restaurant:  The Chophouse

Address:  Gibbsboro, NJ

Food:  Steakhouse

Price:  Super Expensive

Portions:  Large

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  On it!

Atmosphere:  Very Fancy Restaurant and Bar


Entrees hover around $40 and up for the regular meals and everything is ala carte, so no, I can’t normally afford to eat here.  However, some friends gave us a gift certificate and I checked out the site and noticed the bar sold much cheaper food.  Happy Hour appetizers are mostly $8 a piece and you can get a hamburger or crab cake sandwich for $17 or $19 respectively.  The Missus and I hit the bar.

It’s not bad.  I mean, you’re in the restaurant, it’s all one big room.  It’s just you’re at higher tables near the bar and that, for some, would be better.  Appetizers we ordered included chessesteak spring rolls, tuna tartare and crispy buffalo shrimp.  All were top notch.  The two fried items were lightly fried, as opposed to being deep fried and I probably could’ve just eaten five of those tuna tartares.  Next up was the burrata (cheese and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar) delicious!  Finally, the burgers and fries:  all good.  Perfectly cooked with lettuce, tomato and bacon jam.  Most places just can’t cook a decent burger or steak, but the Chophouse knows what it’s doing, obviously.  The staff was on it.  Finished plates, gone!  New iced teas flowed freely without asking.

Bottom line, if you’re rich or desperate to impress a date, go here.  If not, hope your rich relative and/or business associate takes you here, because it’s delicious.  But our bar bill (and this was the cheap area) came to $88 and change.  Even food that good is too high for me.  Heads up, parking is tight.  They do offer free valet, but if you want to cheap it out, there’s a bank next door.  You can’t park there during bank hours, but afterword you’re probably fine.  It also connects to the Paintworks Office buildings parking lots, so you can park there two, but if you’re going to eat here, what’s another couple of bucks for the valet at that point?

I give the Chophouse 8.5 out of 10 keggers.