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RestaurantThe Best of the Wurst

Address:  Riverside, NJ

Food:  German food and hamburgers

Price:  Average

Portions:  Above Average

Taste:  Pretty Good

Service:  Very friendly

Atmosphere:  Marina Bar/Sports Bar

This is a real local place, off the beaten track on the water.  You have to drive through a residential area to get there.  I think you can take a boat there too if you want.  There were plenty of boats around.

The Missus is part Polish and Polish food was featured on the menu, so this was a special treat for her.  I do love pierogis, but I was really up for some schnitzel.  I had a chicken schnitzel platter, which included red cabbage and spaetzle.  Spaetzle is kind of like pasta, only little blobs that I think are fried.  The chicken has a mushroom gravy.  The Missus had stuffed cabbage, kielbasa and pierogis.

The kielbasa was good, but a little heavy.  The pierogis were excellent, as was the schnitzel.  The rest was all really interesting, mostly because I had never had it.  Visiting a new exotic place?  Mission Accomplished.  I do have to nitpick a few things.

Our waitresses were extremely friendly, which was great, but the kinda congregated near the cash register.  It was slightly annoying.  They ran out of pretzels, which is weird.  I mean, if you can’t get a pretzel in a German place, is it really German?  There were also lots of hamburgers on the menu.  Did they start in Germany?

There was also music playing loudly, which got louder just before we left.  In the staff’s defense, we were there up until closing.  I guess they wanted us to go?  Oh, we also had a neat desert which was some kind of almond pastry with Bavarian cream.  $51 and change.  Not bad.  The waitress was on my iced tea, refilling and refilling.  The music was just weird, as well as the sports bar atmosphere.  I guess since it’s a marina hangout and BYOB.

Overall a good experience.  A bit out of the way.  I give the Best of the Wurst 7 out of 10 keggers.