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  1. No tutorials:  I’m sick of these games where part of the “story” where you learn how to play.  If you’re just going to die anyway and come back to life, what’s the difference?  Start the damned thing.
  2. Missions in no particular order:  Especially in a zombie game, how about just placing points on the map where the mission starts, rather than starting them in order?
  3. A finite number of bad guys:  I would like to play a zombie game where I could actually kill all the zombies.  You know, even if it took a few weeks to do it.
  4. Being able to rob the character with the store:  I think you can actually sorta do this in Fallout 4, but it would be great that it was always an option.  And not to kill the store owner, just rob him.
  5. Jettison experience points:  You know, at first, it was fun to get better at things.  But now, it seems, most games take it too far.  By the end, you’re like able to kill a speeding train with your bare hands.  It should be the player that just gets better, not the character.
  6. No more amnesia:  Rather than not knowing who you are and having to figure it out, how about a main character with a long history.  That way the missions can center around various people who previously contacted the person.
  7. If you use food, use a bathroom:  If the character eats, he should poop.  I mean, it doesn’t have to get too graphic, but it should happen.  Then, during the course of the game, if you eat crap, you might have to go to the bathroom far more often.
  8. More dynamic bosses:  The choices you make in the game should effect the outcome of who the main boss is, especially in a game like GTA.  Criminals shift alliances all the time, so it would be interesting to see four or five characters in the beginning to have a different one become top dog each time you play the game.
  9. Leaving your stash vulnerable:  There should be a chance your character gets robbed.  For instance, let’s say you’re stocking up on ammo and guns, but can’t carry them all.  Then, you meet some bad guys, but don’t kill them.  There should be a chance they find your place and rob you.
  10. Reward smart, tactical moves:  If you’re character can cut to the chase, complete the mission quicker or more efficient, he should be rewarded.  Maybe there’s one set up for a mission, but if you see a better way to do it, then that should always be available.