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RestaurantWhole Hog Café in Cherry Hill, NJ

Address:  2321 Route 70 West,  Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Food:  Barbecue Food

Price:  Average

Portions:  Average to Big

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  n/a

Atmosphere:  Cafeteria style

So, I got this gift certificate to Han Dynasty.  The alleged chain of Chinese restaurants has a location in Cherry Hill, but my friend bought me a gift certificate in Manyunk.  Apparently, the Cherry Hill location won’t honor it, so I’ll never be eating there.  Ever.

Anyhow, while schlepping toward Manyunk, the rain hit and the Missus and I were like, “Screw this.”  I spotted the Whole Hog.  We had passed it and thought about trying it out.  Decent barbecue is hard to find on the East Coast, but this place looked okay.  So what the Hell?

It’s a small place.  Feels like about 15 tables.  Maybe seats 50?  There is a party room that seats about half that much.  You go to the counter, place your order and then wait for your number to be called.  Not how I normally like to eat, but at least you don’t really need to tip.  The counter girl was kind of surly and there were no trays that could hold more than one plate.

This place is also a magnet for kids, since the food is fairly cheap.  That didn’t help the atmosphere, but it was very clean and the drinks were bottomless.  I found the food, surprisingly good.  There was plenty of BBQ sauces, good portions of corn bread, French fries and salad.  The meat, initially, I though was a little small.  But later, after my food digested, I decided that was about the right amount of food.  I had the brisket and the Missus had the pulled pork.  Both were pretty delicious.

Overall, I would say this is decent place for take out.  I would also go here by myself if I was just looking to stuff my face and get out.  As an actual restaurant, I wouldn’t go here because I think it would be crowded and the atmosphere not-so-great.  I like to have a waitress bringing me stuff or I might as well be home.

Whole Hog Café in Cherry Hill gets 5.5 out of 10 keggers.  Good for take out.