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Restaurant:  The Kibitz Room

Address:  100 Springdale Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Price:  On the high side

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Pretty Awesome

Service:  Average

Atmosphere:  Deli

The Kibitz Room was a much needed addition to the area: an authentic Jewish deli with all the bells and whistles of a Carnegie Deli or a Harold’s.  When you need a bagel and a schmear of cream cheese, this is the place to go.

The occasion was a friend’s birthday.  Seating is, well, seat yourself.  Walk up to the counter, place your order and they bring it to you.  Included is the pickle bar.  If you haven’t been to a pickle bar, you’re really missing out.  All kinds of tasty pickles, garlic, spicy, sweet and half-sour.  And no Jewish deli would be complete without the health salad.  All of this, complimentary with an order.

The Missus and I split a brisket sandwich.  We split it because, as in all great Jewish delis, the meat is stacked high.  I’ve seen higher stacks, but it was about right for dinner.  Add to that a side salad, macaroni salad, large order of fries and two drinks, around $36.

If I had to nitpick, I would say there could be a clearer ordering process.  Like someone saying, “Hey, come in and sit, the waitress will be here.” or “Hey, when you’re ready come up and order and we’ll bring it to you.”  But, we looked like veteran foodies, so maybe they assumed we knew.  The taste is really good.  I could’ve used a few extra pieces of rye and maybe a bigger plate because things got a little crowded on those little deli tables.  Still, so what?  You can taste the quality.  Everything here is top notch, fresh and cooked to perfection.

I give the Kibitz Room 8 out of 10 keggers.  Jewish or no, you should eat their, why not?