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Price:  Moderate

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Good

Service:  Outstanding

Atmosphere:  Diner-like

Short Hills is another one of my regular stops.  It’s part diner and part Jewish deli.  I would go there more often if it was open late.

This trip was an early dinner with the Missus.  She needed a giant bowl of Matza ball soup and blue berry blintzes.  I had a turkey club and a side salad.  The highlight for me is always the free health salad and pickles, served complimentary ahead of the food.  Always very briny and tasty.

My sandwich had a decent amount of meat and bacon.  Didn’t taste any mayo.  Not sure if I had to ask for it.  Definitely could’ve used fresher tomatoes.  My salad had a couple of pieces of wilted lettuce, but for the most part was okay.  Matza ball soup was top notch and the Missus enjoyed the blintzes.

I would say, out of all my trips to Short Hills, this was the lowest on the totem pole.  Good, but not great.  What saved it was our waitress, who was spot on, very friendly and brought everything we asked for: extra chips, napkins, refills—  Weren’t a lot of customers because of Good Friday, but still, it was appreciated.

I give Short Hills Deli 7 out of 10 keggers.