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Restaurant: The Kettle and Grille

Address:   Crispin Square Shopping Center, 230 North Maple Ave, Marlton, NJ 08053

Food:  American Cuisine, Diner

Price:  Affordable

Portions:  Good

Taste:  Excellent

Service:  Excellent

Atmosphere:  Diner

Couple of points to address from the Reddit comments in r/SouthJersey.  First, gotta say I’m shocked someone had a not great experience at Dia De Los Burritos.  Although the person admitted the ingredients were fresh, to me, that’s 90% of the battle.  I mean, you can always add spice, right?

Anyhow, the second point was that some recommended the K&G and I was not disappointed.  The K&G is located deep within a plaza/maze of stores, so it’s not immediately noticeable from Maple Ave.  The Missus and I debated on whether or not it was a remodeled space or originally built that way.  I proffered that it vaguely resembled a Perkins, although with a much better décor.  Simple pictures on the wall, interesting ceilings and a diner feel.  It was fairly crowded as well.

We started with salads which were both fresh and clean.  Probably some of the cleanest iceberg lettuce I ever ate.  We were both starving so we got appetizers.  I got potato skins, which I literally haven’t ordered in 10 years, but I suddenly had a craving.  The Missus ordered Spanakopita.  Both were served warm.  The potatoes were fresh, quality cheese, decent bacon.  Pretty good.  (I just finished the extra two leftover from the meal.)

For the main dish, we were all about the sandwiches.  I got a gyro and fries.  The Missus got a Grilled Cheese Club, which was a layered grilled cheese with multiple cheeses, bacon and fries on the side.  The Missus like it and she even though the coleslaw was good.  (I almost never eat that.)  She said it was a little spicy, but she’s kind of a spice wimp, so I wouldn’t go by her.

My gyro was packed with ingredients.  Very fresh lettuce, a okay tomato (as decent as you can get this time of year), gyro meat and slices of cucumber with tzatziki sauce on the side.  Came with a really good pickle and pretty real fries.  None of that battered crap I hate.

The waitress was on it!  She refilled my iced tea four times without me even asking and brought me lemon slices with it for every glass except the last one.  Couldn’t ask for more.  It tasted brewed and wasn’t harsh at all.

Also, as a side note, the menu had tons of interesting breakfast options.  Apparently it’s a really good breakfast place and was voted one of the top places.  I would totally hit this place if I got that early and happened to be near there.

Overall, even though this place was a bit of a ride for me, totally worth the trip.  Thanks for the recommendation Reddit!

I give The Kettle and Grille 9 out of 10 keggers.