I am way late to the party on this movie, bros.  But, I just saw it on On-Demand, so I had to write about it.  As one other review said (whose name escapes me), The Martian is like that scene in Apollo 13 when they have to think of a way to save the astronauts, only the scene is two hours long.

And that’s not a knock at the movie.  It’s exciting, well-paced and smart.  Matt Damon, the screenwriters and the book’s author, Andy Weir, all deserve a lot of credit.  Unlike most Hollywood dramas, the plot points aren’t beaten to death with too much melodrama.  The events and characters seem very genuine and ends in a satisfying way.

The basic plot you know.  Damon plays an astronaut botanist that’s accidentally left behind during a manned mission to Mars.  The movie is about his survival and whether or not he’ll be able to last until a rescue happens.  Again, super smart.  It would have to be, as this movie was recommended by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

See it, bros.  It’s probably Damon’s best movie as an actor.

I give it 9 out of 10 keggers.