Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is that sweet transvestite, Tim Curry.  Let’s see what’s he’s tweeting.


November 30th:  “RT : “I have heard that Tim had passed. I havent had news of this, I also do not watch tv or news much. Is this true?” Um…”

Why would she ask a dead man’s Twitter if Tim was dead?  (Which he’s not.)

November 30th:  “. I hope not my dear or I’m about to give the gardener a terrible shock when I offer him a coffee in a minute.”

A g-g-g-g-ghost!

December 1st:  “RT : “Where’s Tim Curry’s Oscar? ” I think you can get it on Amazon. ”

Yeah!  He had to make out with more than half the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, for crying out loud.

December 16th:  “RT : “I love Tim Curry so sad the state that he is in now” Thank you for your concern but I actually rather like California.”

Man, people are needless mean to Tim.

January 11th:  “Can’t you assholes mourn the passing of greatness without going out of your way to bring how *my* mortality affects *you* into it?”

Exactly.  I’m glad Abe Vigoda isn’t alive to see this.

January 15th:  “You know what else is 69, white and British? The end of Tim Curry’s FUCKING NERVES. Shut the hell up, you unoriginal morbid motherfuckers.”


January 15th:  “Satisfied? I’ve signed up to do the one thing you never dreamed I would just so you can stop telling me I’m nearly dead.

These Internet hoaxes are out of control.

January 15th:  “. no didn’t you hear? I invented ghost Twitter for all the 69 y/o British greats so we can still interact with gems like you.”

Huh?  Fans are weird sometimes.

January 17th:  “40 Times Tim Curry Definitely Didn’t Talk About Rocky Horror via – Yes. Good.”

Only 40?

January 23rd:  “RT : “There’s something about Tim Curry I find insanely attractive.” Is it everything? Because. Yeah.”

Well, at least you’re famous.  You always have fans to bang.

January 23rd:  “RT : “they cast Tim Curry as the criminologist??? WHY ISN’T HE PLAYING FRANK WTF???” Would you like a list or….?”

The man has range.  Give him a break.

January 23rd:  “RT : “whoever plays Frank has some big shoes to fill!!! Good luck to them.” Well not really. I’m only a size 8.”

Remakes are so stupid.  Why mess with perfection?

6 hours ago:  “Laughable article claiming Rocky Horror was my second ever acting job. You know what it actually was, darlings? My 23rd. Sigh.”

The state of entertainment journalism is pretty sad.

6 hours ago:  “And that’s not to mention the countless times I wandered around ‘s stage dressed as a wench or elderly jew. I’ve done it all.”

See?  He had experience being a transvestite first.

Okay, let’s rate Tim’s Tweets.  I give him a 7 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.6, but I’m going to round it up to 9 because you have to add one for the vault.  Follow Tim.

EDIT:  Well, this is what I get for doing this half asleep.  I should’ve read closer.  This is a parody account.  My bad.

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