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They’ve launched these new Star Wars planes.  Will the merchandising never end?!  Here now is what I expect on them.

  1. Passengers saying, “This is not the window seat I’ve been looking for.”
  2. Tiny booze bottles shaped like R2-D2.
  3. Co-pilots doing Chewbacca impersonations.
  4. Every time there is turbulence C3PO tells the passengers the odds of surviving.
  5. Pilots playing this every time they walk onto the plane.
  6. Passengers saying to the stewardess, “I find your lack of peanuts disturbing.”
  7. Pilots wearing white shirts and black vests.
  8. Jedis get to board and exit the plane first.
  9. Droids that do not fit in the overhead compartment must be checked.
  10. In the event that the cabin depressurizes, you must breathe into the Darth Vader mask that drops from the ceiling.