Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is billionaire genius, Elon Musk.  Before he’s off to Mars, let’s see what he’s tweeting.


August 17th:  “Article on and colonizing Mars by

Marvin the Martian is going to be sooooo popular up there.

August 22nd:  “True, but achieving a long range affordable electric vehicle has always been our long-term goal. Due in late 2017! ”

After the Oatmeal’s review of your car, sounds like you’re already there if you can just make ’em cheaper.

September 2nd:  “With same options, Model X is $5k more than an S due to greater size & body complexity. Sig Series is fully loaded, hence high price.”

Call me when these cars get into the used section of Craigslist.

September 2nd:  “Model 3, our smaller and lower cost sedan will start production in about 2 years. Fully operational Gigafactory needed.”

So about five years after that, I might be able to afford one.

September 2nd:  “First production cars will be handed over on Sept 29 at our Fremont factory”

Or maybe I could win one in a contest.  Although the insurance would be sky-high.

September 12th:  “Btw, not saying we *should* nuke Mars — just layin’ out a few options …”

Nuke Mars?  Shouldn’t we try sanctions first?

September 13th:  “New model for evolution of intelligent life suggests probable emergence 2 billion years ago near galactic center

Hopefully we’re not going to get a visit any time soon.  I can’t imagine the response from the U.S.  Speaking of nuking space.

September 14th:  “Researchers at propose using Falcon/Dragon for Mars sample return mission

So that’s how the zombie apocalypse will start.

September 14th:  “Dragon 2 is designed to land on any surface (liquid or solid) in the solar system. Am glad to see people thinking about applications!”


September 14th:  “In expendable mode, Falcon Heavy can send a fully loaded Dragon to Mars or a light Dragon to Jupiter’s moons. Europa mission wd be cool.”

You should probably examine those samples on a space station.  I mean you could bring back some kind of bacteria that kills us all.

Okay, let’s rate Elon’s tweets.  Well, since the guy is changing the world.  Brings a whole additional weight to the tweets.  I give him a 5 for Insanity, 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.6, but I’m rounding it up to 9 because hey—  The guy is going to Mars and building electric cars!  You should follow him!

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