Coherence is a low budget sci-fi movie that maximizes its low budget in a great way. The premise is this: A comet is passing overhead during a dinner party with eight friends. The comet causes some kind of rip in reality. The street that the house containing the party is on, now contains nothing but copies of the same house and the friends, but alternate realities of those friends. Things quickly get mixed up and the friends become increasingly afraid and the copies of the various friends end up in the wrong realities.

The ending is a bit of a cop out, but everything up until that point is pretty stellar. The cast feels like they are doing improv in a lot of the scenes. Nicholas Brendon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) is probably the only face you’re going to recognize, but it’s a great cast.

You can find Coherence (2013) on Netflix. You should see it.