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1.  Whatever is funny now, will be tired and boring tomorrow.

2.  No one under the age of 21 should be allowed to post on Facebook angry.

3.  Ellen Pao is the new Hitler.

4.  Just because you’re grossly uninformed on a topic doesn’t mean you can post a long, stupid opinion on it.

5.  You can numb yourself to porn and violence through images, but cats falling down are always funny.

6.  Anything said in several words can be reduced to a group of numbers and letters.

7.  Refusing to acknowledge a friend’s content is rude, but promoting your own project to them makes you worse than Satan.

8.  No one remembers anything that didn’t happen in the last 12 hours.

9.  Making fun of people is hilarious, but people who make fun of you are trolls and bullies.

10.  Everyone is offended by everything.