Wawa is a local mini-mart chain that’s mostly here in the East.    Those of you in the other parts of the country and world, probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but still…  I have to say it’s awesome for these reasons.

1.  No seats.  No one is going to hang around taking up space when I need a hoagie.

2.  They sell Tasty Kakes, which are the perfect dessert after a hoagie.  (And no, it’s not a sub or grinder.)

3.  They now sell gas, which is convenient, because I can get a sandwich while I fill up.

4.  I must mention the legendary coffee, even though I don’t personally drink it.  I hear good things.

5.  They are often open 24 hours, which means I can get my gas and sandwich at 3 am when I need it.

6.  They have chicken soup, which is really good and useful when you’re sick and don’t feel like cooking.

7.  They have an ATM, which used to be free to customers, sadly they are not now.  I am holding out hope they cut the deal again.

8.  They have breakfast sandwiches, which are really good if you’re hurrying and trying to get to a comic book convention in the morning.

9.  Philly Soft Pretzels.

10.  Hoagie Fest!  The hoagies are awesome.  I mean, look they’re not the best.  Certainly you could find a deli with better stuff, but Wawa’s are above average and they are incredibly fast.  Plus, you can get pickles on the side.