Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Dana Snyder, voice of Master Shake and the Alchemist!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


January 7th:  “Sweet drinks! Disgusting!

Well, at least it’s not sweet tea.

January 7th:  “Ok

Sounds like something Master Shake would do.  Before the sexual harassment suit.

January 8th:  “We’re almost sold out to our party. Don’t get left out! A few tix left. I’ll be wearing a jumpsuit for crissakes!

It’s your chance to be belittled live by Master Shake!  (That would be pretty funny.)

January 8th:  “Magic City Comic Con Schedule :: GROWTix

This weekend in Miami?  Nice!

January 9th:  “SF Sketchfest 2015: An Afternoon with ‘Venture Bros.’ with P…

Cool.  Nice bio of Dana there too.

January 10th:  “I just backed Krampus Beer Stein on

Wait a minute.  Don’t you get part of that?  That definitely sounds like something Shake would do.

January 11th:  “

Taco Bill:  Make a Run to the Broader.

January 11th:  “

That.  Is.  Awful!

Okay, let’s rate Dana’s Tweets.  I can’t help but read this in Shake’s voice, so I would say that it’s awfully pissed off.  It’s pretty random, with a mix of plugs thrown in and not much explanation.  I give Dana a 7 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.3, which I will round up to a 9 for his Master Shake performance, then back down to an 8.3 for Granny on Squidbillies, but then back to a 9 for Shake.

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