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Webcomic:  It’s the Tie

Creator:  Kasper, AKA: Tie

Format:  Long Horizontal Strip, Gag-a-Day, Color

Updates:  I think three days a week at least, but I’m not sure.

Genre:  Comedy, Weirdness

Themes:  Animals, superheroes, people, weirdness

Characters:  Various

Archive:  Begins December 12, 2014

Kasper does a lot with a little and makes this comedy webcomic both, uncomfortable, weird, funny and edgy.  I gotta admit, a couple of gags made me squirm a little.  I’m not sure if some of them were sexist or just edgy, but I think that’s what makes good comedy.  You shouldn’t feel totally comfortable when reading it.  It makes it more of a surprise and surprise is at the heart of comedy and It’s the Tie.

I think my favorite strip is this one.  I’m not even totally sure what happened at the end, but it’s weird and a little off.  Kasper’s art isn’t the greatest, but he makes the most out of it.  Sure, his lines aren’t that polished, but some of the expressions are really fun and in comedy, you can be forgiven for a few shaky lines.  The use of an animated gif in the latest strip was very funny.  If you’re a prude, the comic does get vulgar from time to time, but I like that so f-you prudes.

The navigation buttons are not only on the site, but you can scroll through them using your arrow keys.  Big plus!  I would like to see more in the bio section about Kasper and perhaps some of his inspiration and how he sees the comic.  The one big complaint is the update schedule isn’t posted.  I think that would greatly help build Kasper’s fan base, which I hope is growing.  He has about a year’s worth of archive, which I read through in about ten minutes.  It’s a perfect time to get on the ground floor of It’s the Tie.