Based after the life of Dr. Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything is a love story and bio pic about the life of Stephen and his first wife, Jane.

I have to be honest and say, I wasn’t really there to see this movie.  I wanted to see Inherent Vice, but some website got the date and times wrong.  (Not saying who, but it rhymes with Bandango.)  Anyhow, the Missus wanted to see this and the time was close to what we wanted so I figured, what the Hell.  It’s a fairly entertaining flick and I normally hate bio pics.  I mostly dislike them because there are no surprises and the melodrama feels very strained to me.  Of course, when you’re packing in a lot of events in a person’s life, things have to move forward.

The most fun is early on, during his college days.  Then, of course, he gets a diagnosis and his future wife is determined to see him live beyond the two years the doctors give Hawking.  For a scientist, that dude is horny as Hell.  Probably the most amazing part is when he leaves his wife for a nurse, who is portrayed as kind of a star fucker.

Anyhow, it’s not my cup of tea, but despite that, the movie is pretty tolerable.  It’s paced well and the melodrama doesn’t overwhelm the film.  It tends to focus more on Jane Hawking than Stephen, but it’s still a fairly interesting portrait of an important figure.  Director, James Marsh, and Screenwriter, Anthony McCarten, do a very solid job of making it a good film.  It definitely humanizes him in a good way.  Although, reading the Wikipedia entry, he is a little more rough around the edges.  If you’re looking for a date movie, you could do a lot worse, bros.

I give The Theory of Everything 7 out of 10 keggers.