So with all the hub-bub and then non hub-bub surrounding this movie, is The Interview worth watching?  Short answer, yes, absolutely.

The first two acts of The Interview are hilarious.  James Franco crews up the screen as ego maniac, Dave Skylark.  Seth Rogen plays his sidekick and producer, Aaron.  Things are going great on the show until Aaron runs into an old college buddy who producers for 60 Minutes.  Putting him down for not doing “serious journalism”, Aaron vows to put Dave on the path of doing a more righteous and important show.  Skylark, unable to even think of doing the show without Aaron, quickly discovers that Kim Jung Un is a fan.  At the same time, North Korea is all over the news, so it’s a win-win.

Next, as you know from watching the trailer, the CIA asks the duo to kill Kim Jung Un.  Things rapidly escalate as Kim Jung Un appeals to Skylark’s ego and he and Aaron blow chance after chance to kill him.  Admittedly, the final act is not as strong, but whatever.  It’s still not bad and you’ll probably be laughing through most of it anyway.  If not for the hacking, the movie probably would’ve came and went.  It’s a shame people didn’t come out to see it.  My family and I rented it online (the only way to see movies these days!) and it despite some technical snafus, it was a breeze.  It’s not as funny, as say, This is the End, but it’s a decent entry in the Franco/Rogen movie library.

Go see it, bros.  I give The Interview, 8 keggers out of 10.