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The news is all over “someone” (possibly the North Koreans) hacking Sony’s website.  But quite frankly, although that’s a crime and a shame, aren’t there bigger fish to fry?  Isn’t there a lot more to be outraged about in the news?

1.  The Torture Report:  Not really the report, but the summary, it’s pretty bad.

2.  Going Back to Iraq:  Yeah, seriously.  What is this?  2004?

3.  Police Militarization:  What happened?  Weren’t we just talking about this?

4.  Afghanistan:  Are we actually leaving?  We’re still there.  Still paying for it.

5.  Police Unions:  Maybe if your members didn’t behave so poorly, you wouldn’t have people so upset.

6.  The Cold War Restarts:  What is this?  1964 and 2004 at the same time?!

7.  Drones:  They’re still killing people.   Still basically illegal.

8.  The NSA:  They’re watching, watching yooooooou.

9.  Going Broke on War:  Guess what we’re buying again?

10.  And the Rest:  Of the world, which we seem to occupy.

I know, I should write something funny.  Tomorrow, I will.  Today, think on this.  And if the world gets you down, just click on this.