This 2009 movie stars Chris O’Dowd of the IT Crowd and Anna Faris.  Basically, it’s a time travel movie that mostly takes place in an English pub.  Chris plays Ray, an amusement park worker with dreams of being a science fiction writer.  He and his two friends are going nowhere fast in their dead end jobs, but enjoy nightly visits to the local pub.  Faris plays Cassie, a time traveling “fixer” of sorts that’s looking for a time leak inside the pub.  Turns out, it’s in the bathroom.  Ray and his friends end up traveling back and forth through time within the pub.

Some of the things are your standard time travel conventions: someone is going to be famous in the future, there’s a dystopian future, a timeline where people die, etc.  Think of it as a low rent, English version of Back to the Future II, only instead of Marty McFly, it’s three drunken idiots in a pub.  Not bad for a low budget movie.  It leaves itself open for a sequel, which probably wouldn’t be too bad either.  (There is an after credits scene, btw.)  This is a perfect Netflix movie.  Fun, funny, but not over done like, say, Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.

You could click a lot worse, bros.