Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is comedian, Chris D’Elia.  He’s funny on stage, let’s see what he’s tweeting.


December 5th:  “I’m on right now.”

Love that show.  Hope you won, dude.

December 5th:  

Who would say that to a comic?

December 5th:  “Watch this! I did the Stallone voice and Jean-Claude (concept and animation by ) (Arnold by )”

I would watch that cartoon.  Weekly.  Will Sasso’s Arnold is just too killer.

December 6th:  “An airplane toilet flushing is louder than any noise in any of the Transformer movies.”


December 9th:  “The greatest picture of all time. Embedded image permalink

WTF?  Which movie is that from?  Has to be the last Rambo.

December 9th:  “New “Canadian Brad is So Stoked” is hilarious here.”

Hey, American Brad is fairly psyched.  Just to be clear.

December 10th:  “Whether male or female, no one who has ever had sex with a woman has said “I’m fluent in sarcasm”. That’s only said by someone who fucks men”

That would be a weird thing to say anyway, I think.  I mean, depending on how you said it.

December 11th:  “New “Most TMP TMP Ever” have a listen.”

I like the entire concept of the Podcast because after 10 minutes, shit starts to get long.

December 12th:  “Great news. Undateable season 2 premieres March 17th on NBC after and and his hat.”

Although I will miss Whitney Cummings’ ass, I think this will be a better show.

December 15th:  “Garth Brooks calling his album “Man Against the Machine” is like me calling my special “Man Against Almost a Beard””

His album should be called “Man Against a Plate of Cupcakes”.

Okay, let’s rate Chris’s tweets.  Understated, not a lot of plugs.  Digging the podcast.  I give him an 8 for Style, a 7 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8, follow Chris.

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