This crazy Dutch zombie movie is a lot of fun and it’s a chance to see a well-like genre film through the eyes of the Dutch filmmakers.  You don’t get lines like, “It’s so simple, an American could understand it.” in most American films.

KZ is sort of like a Harold & Kumar movie, only Harold & Kumar fight zombies.  Our hero, Aziz, has a hot date with the office hottie, Tess.  Unfortunately, his idiot brother, Mo, ends up getting him fired and then thrown in jail.  Shortly after, a Russian satellite crashes on Amsterdam and the zombies, imbued with green blood, start popping up.  Aziz spends most of the movie trying to save Tess, but the plot takes a few other twists and turns that I won’t give away.

This is a comedy, so some of the scenes are a bit ridiculous and have a more European, slapstick quality, but overall, it’s a fun ride.  And even when something weird happens, I was willing to stay tuned because the filmmakers inserted interesting zombie-fighting scenarios.  As an added bonus, the Dutch babes are smokin’ hot.  Gigi Ravelli, the cop that follows Aziz, kick ass, takes names and is easy on the eyes.  Directed by Martijn Smits and Erwin van den Eshof, it’s currently available on Netflix.  Not a bad way to kill 90 minutes, bros.