Tidla Swinton and Tom Hiddleston star as two vampire lovers trying to get through their undead lives.  Swinton plays Eve, a vampire with a lust for life.  Hiddleston plays Adam, a brooding, moody artist that adores her.  John Hurt plays a supporting role as the vampire version of Christopher Marlowe.  The entire thing is directed by Jim Jarmusch.

It’s got a slow, but deliberate pacing.  It almost felt like it would make a great BBC TV show.  The story of two, pretty nice vampires, just trying to get through the day.  During most of the movie, you feel for Adam and Eve.  They have to struggle to get uncontaminated blood.  Eve must prop up Adam, who has seen too much and feels too much about it.

It was a really nice, romantic and sort of friendly vampire flick.  It’s a shame it went in and out of theaters so fast.  You should totally see it.  It’s currently running on Comcast On-Demand for a small fee.