The Coen Brothers are back with another period piece.  This time it takes place in 1961 New York.  It centers around Llewyn Davis, a folk singer that was once part of a duo, but now has to go it alone with a solo act.  Llewyn isn’t very charismatic, despite his talent, and the poor guy just can’t seem to get a break.

Like all Coen Brothers movies, the craft is amazing, the story (although esoteric and oddly specific) carries you along.  With all the rich detail, you have to wonder what specifically drew the Coens to this project.  I’m guessing it’s the music.

The movie has a strange, almost circular ending and I’m not sure if I missed something or if my feeling of uneasiness was just part of what the Coen brothers wanted to convey.  It’s definitely another interesting movie to add to their slate.  Worth watching, but more suited for a rental or a visit to an arthouse movie theater.  Inside Llewyn Davis is currently running on Comcast on-Demand for a small fee.