IRArecipelogoIngredients:  Boneless breasts of chicken, bread crumbs, corn oil, egg water, bread.

Step 1:  Return from kegger already wasted.

Step 2:  Decide that you are too drunk to leave, but too sober to pass out.

Step 3:  Find package of boneless chicken in fraternity fridge.  Vow to eat said chicken.

Step 4:  Get out frying pan, poor way too much oil in it.

Step 5:  Turn on burner.

Step 6:  Realize you’ve placed the frying pan on the wrong burner.

Step 7:  Grab red hot frying pan handle that was over the burner you turned on, drop pan.

Step 8:  Scream obscenities while washing burned hand under faucet.

Step 9:  Slip on oil which is now all over the floor and hit head against sink.

Step 10:  Curse and pass out on floor.

Step 11:  Wake up 20 minutes later, slip attempting to get up.

Step 12:  Roll out of oil and stumble into bathroom.

Step 13:  Forget whether you had to vomit or shit in bathroom.  Sit on bowl and vomit in bath tub.

Step 14:  Abandon oil soaked shorts and underwear on bathroom floor, stagger to frat brother’s bedroom by mistake.

Step 15:  Pass out on frat brother’s bed.

Step 16:  Wake up to sound of fire alarm and frat brothers screaming.

Step 17:  Walk out into smoke-filled hallway, deny you were making chicken.

Step 18:  Go outside, wait for firemen.