Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one of those games you tap on your iPad or smart phone. Personally, I don’t understand how anyone can play a game like this on a tiny screen, but some have no choice, I guess. It’s a good game and definitely aimed at someone that’s already a fan of the show.

Comparing it to the Simpsons: Tapped Out: It’s an improvement on the same concept. Whereas, Homer destroys the town in a nuclear accident, Peter destroys it by fighting the giant chicken. In each game, you rebuild the character’s respective towns, which generates the characters.

Granted, The Simpsons has more to pull from, but The Family Guy game is superior in several ways. First, you don’t feel like you’re being squeezed for premium cash just to get key characters. Of course, Family Guy has fewer characters, but you get them all and I’ve already got a ton of outfits for them.

In the Simpsons, I feel like I’m still missing key characters (especially Jimbo) and they are often too expensive to afford unless you’re really pissing away some money for the premium items. In Family Guy, it gives you a lot and the premium buys can be used to buy mostly decorations for your town or to speed things along.

I will say, the Family Guy game takes longer to generate the cash to buy the buildings you need, but I’m patient and cheap. The Simpsons makes it easier, but you’re constantly hitting a wall of “Do I really want to buy that?” And there’s way too much stuff that’s just decoration that does nothing. Family Guy hasn’t gotten to that point yet and the map seems smaller, but the various levels of collecting extra stuff gives you an excuse to do more missions, so they feel more important to the game. In the Simpsons, I was just constantly banking money and experience for the next thing. In Family Guy, I am constantly going back to old characters to get them to do things to generate the objects I need to unlock more characters.

Also, I found a lot of the sound bites in The Simpsons to be mostly screaming or complaining, but in Family Guy, they were funnier. Maybe I’ll get sick of them quicker, but I don’t know. So far I’m about half way through the game and, as Peter said about sex, “It. Is. Awesome!” Download it, bros.

I give Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, 9 out of 10 kegs.