A pretty straight forward zombie movie with one important change: it takes place in the East End of London.  The Cockneys (which are akin to say, the Southies of Boston in the US), are a group of working class English people, trying to get by.

The movie begins with uncovering of a tomb during construction in London.  (Something that’s actually fairly common.)  As the zombies spread, two brothers are planning a bank heist to raise money for their grandfather.  So the movie is part Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, then takes a left turn into Zombieland.

Be warned, the ending isn’t all that strong, but there are a few bits here worth seeing, including one hilarious flashback of the grandfather during the war and several funny scenes of zombies attacking an old folks’ home.  This movie isn’t Shakespeare, but it delivers what it promises and who could ask more from a Netflix movie?