Dick Chair

Your pledgemaster may have a grade point average that’s lower that his blood alcohol level.  And he might not subscribe to your version of “fancy book learnin'” or “fancy beer drinkin'”.  But he is a pledgemaster and he sits in judgement of what’s Fratty and Not Fratty.

Chris Christie:  Not Fratty

Jesus Christ, don’t fuck up the GWB.  What if I have to make a beer run into New York from Jersey?

Justin Bieber:  Almost Fratty

Controversial decision, I know.  Still, Brazilian hookers and drugs?  Give the guy some credit, bros.

Winter:  Not Fratty

Fuck you snow.  Fuck you in your stupid snowy face.

The Puppy Bowl:  Fratty

C’mon.  They’re so cute.  How can you not love those cute little faces!

FAA Grounding Beer Drones:  Not the Least Bit Fratty

The fuck, FAA?  Isn’t this America anymore?  Can I not have a flying robot bring me beer, you sons-of-bitches?!  My dream!  My dream!

Iphone 5c:  Fratty

That’s right, they’re plastic.  So what?  You buy a case and it’s almost exactly the same.  Awesome.

Atlanta Snow:  Not So Fratty

Snow, not only are you an asshole, you fucked up everyone in Atlanta.  Fuck you snow.

Archer Vice:  Very Fratty

Jon Benjamin, the Mel Blanc of this generation, continues to deliver top notch comedy.  Spies that turn into drug dealers?  Sign me up.

Michael Grimm:  Not Fratty

Dude, what are you?  12?  If you’re too sensitive to take questions, quit being a politician.

New Flavors in Lays Potato Chips:  So Fratty

Lays were already pretty good.  Now with the garlic and cheese?  Holy shit, bros.  Holy shit.