Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is a webcomic creator, supreme and the very funny, Scott Kurtz of PvP!  Let’s see if he tweets are as good as his webcomics!


October 26th:  “IKEA fenced

I’ll bet it was worth it to get those sweet, sweet Swedish meatballs.

October 26th:  “My wife just used a Benadryl tablet as a carpenter’s pencil. I’m calling her MrsGyver from now on.”

I once used a roofie to draw map, but I don’t remember where.

October 27th:  “I guess you can’t download Lego superheroes to the xbox?”

Probably not.  But there’s always the used section at the game store.

October 27th:  “Lego Marvel Superheroes is fun as he’ll and really clever. Glad I got it.”

Hmm.  I might have to check that out.  Although, exploding bricks isn’t as cool as the blood gushing in GTA V.

October 28th:  “Poor Scratch…good art is NEVER appreciated –

Hmm, that might explain the ending to the last Batman.

23 hours ago:  “Why can you dance and celebrate a sack w/o penalty, but celebrating a TD= unsportsmanlike?

Well, the TD dances did get out of hand.  Personally, I enjoyed them.  Hell, it was like a little mini-half time show.

23 hours ago:  “Gotcha. It’s not about celebrating after, it’s about taunting. The rule makes no sense to me, but I get it.”

A “sack dance” can be just as taunting.

20 hours ago:  “An old family friend sent pictures of life in 1984 today. I went to google street view and “walked” from my house to school. Amazing.”

It was a magical time.  The doublespeak was new then.

9 hours ago:  “Still shocked that ANYONE trusted Platinum Studios. EVER.

Yeah, I used to get stuff in the mail from them.  I tossed it.

9 hours ago:  “The only way Platinum Studios could have been more obviously a bad deal is if they wore Snidely Whiplash costumes during contract signings.”

Creators, unless they back a truckload of money to your house and you actually SEE the truckload of money, be wary.  Very wary when Hollywood knocks.

9 hours ago:  “The only way to stop the Platinum Studios of this world is by helping young artists get over the concept of “breaking in.””

You have to think about it logically.  How could a company give you thousands of dollars unless it could make thousands of dollars more?  Never sign anything you don’t understand ever.

6 hours ago;  “If you’re not reading PLOX you’re really missing out.

Ooo, sweet art.

6 hours ago:  “New X-Men trailer uses a Hans Zimmer track from the Thin Red Line instead of dubstep. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that and be glad.”

Eh.  I dunno.  That movie franchise is pretty dead for me.

4 hours ago:  “Today’s PvP: based on a story my wife read me off the internet –

Crazy story.  Funny strip.

Okay, let’s rate Scott’s tweets.  He’s a got a pretty even mix of plugs and non-plugs.  Some good stuff here.  Not quite as relentless as the stand up comics we normally profile, but that’s cool.  Plenty of interesting pics and links.  I give Scott an 8 for Style, a 7 for Insanity and a 9 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Not bad.  Follow Scott.  But most importantly, follow PvP.

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