Bros, welcome to a very special Halloween edition of Fratty or Not Fratty with Pledgemaster Dick.  This week, your pledgemaster tells you which costumes are Fratty or Not Fratty.  He’d better tell you now because he’ll be black out drunk by the time the holiday is here.

Breaking Bad Costume:  Not Fratty

Breaking Bad is, without a doubt, the Frattiest show ever to be put on TV, but the costumes are not longer Fratty.  It’s time has passed.  Check back in like, five years.

Superhero Costumes:  Sorta Fratty

Superheroes are kind of a gray area.  Batman, Superman, Spiderman—-  They’re all pretty played out, but variations on those heroes, plus more obscure guys.  There’s a lot of choose from.  Choose wisely bros.

Slutty Anything Costume:  Always Fratty

Any excuse to get a sorority chick into a half shirt, stocking and hot pants is always fratty.  Whether she has a nurse’s hat, cat ears or vampire fangs.

South Park Character:  Still Fratty

South Park is always classic and with the large gallery of characters to choose from, you gotta love SP.

Zombie or Storm Trooper:  Not Fratty

Really?  What did you put 10 seconds of thought into that costume?

A Costume You Made in One Hour Out of Old Natty Cases:  Fratty

Well, it’s at least fratty you drank the beer.

Walking Dead Costumes:  Not So Fratty

Rick doesn’t even wear the hat or the uniform anymore.  C’mon.

Archer Character:  Absolutely Fratty

Archer is so God damned funny.  I’m going to watch a rerun right now on Netflix.

Dressing as a Celebrity You Already Sort of Look Like:  Not So Fratty

That’s not even a costume, bro!

It’s Always Sunny or The League Characters:  Still Fratty

Bonus points if you go as just Rum Ham.

Pokemon or 90’s Cartoon Character:  Not Fratty

It’s over, bro.  Time to move on to character characters from the 2000’s.

Video Game Characters:  Still Fratty

Because they are not over done and remind us of what we have to look forward to if we don’t hook up with one of the Slutty Costumes on Halloween.