The bros are in our new comic, Miserable Comedians.  We’re doing a Kickstarter for it and here are the reasons why you should pledge.

1.  The bros would want you to because they don’t have money, since they usually spend it on weed.

2.  If you don’t do it, the terrorists win.

3. You’ll get to experience the college comedy tour in print.

4.  The NSA would want you to.

5.  Your enemy, you know the douchebag I’m talking about, he said you didn’t have the guts!  Are you gonna take that?!

6.  Like the bros, you probably drink too much beer anyway.  Do you want to end up, like this?

7.  It’ll probably get you laid.

8.  Dean Calfinch is unlikely to give a speech about Miserable Comedians, like he did about Super Frat.

9.  If you don’t, this will happen.

10.  Without Miserable Comedians, the bros only other entertainment is this.