It’s awesome.  Of course it’s awesome.  It’s GTA.  They could’ve just inserted new characters in the old game and it still would be awesome.  If you don’t buy it, you’re missing out.  Okay, that all being said, here’s what they improved.

The Strippers:  This time, they have an R-rating.  Strippers are actually topless in the Champagne Room.  (And no matter what the stripper says, there is no sex in the Champagne Room.  None.)  You get to play a fun little game of touching the strippers without the bouncer seeing you.  If you are successful and if you compliment the stripper enough, you may just get to take her back to her place and bang her.  If you get caught too many times, the bouncer throws you out.

Cabs:  Slightly improved.  You get into them by tapping Y, instead of holding down Y.  This caused no end of problems in GTA 4 where Niko tried to get into a cab, only to unintentionally steal it.  You can also call a cab at any time via you iPhone.

Graphics:  Phenomenal.  Even on my crappy TV, they look outstanding.  I’m looking forward to taking the game to a friend’s house and checking it out on a good TV.

Story Mode:  There is a three way story between three major characters (four if you count the dog).  The great thing about it is, you can finish a mission, switch to a new character and you will find him in the middle of some kind of action that is typical for that character.

The Characters:  Michael, who is an aging hood, a bit like Niko without the accent.  Competent, knowledgeable, but put upon by those around him.  Franklin harkens back to GTA: San Andreas.  He’s a lot like Carl, only slightly older, smarter and more ambitious.  And finally, Trevor, who is probably more like how gamers are in the game.  Psychotic, shoot first, ask questions never.

The Cars:  There are a crazy amount.  And they move more like real cars.  It’s a lot harder to run across a highway.  GTA 4, they all sort of moved at the same rhythm, here it’s varied enough that it’s almost impossible to anticipate.

The Cops:  Unlike Liberty City, they don’t just show up if you cross one of the 15 imaginary lines.  In story mode, their presence is select.  When they do chase you, they drive more aggressively, attacking with the P.I.T. maneuver.   However, you can outwit them via your radar, as they do not usually check behind themselves.

Transitions:  So far, incredibly smooth.  You arrive at a potential mission and your character walks up, the dialogue begins and you smoothly cut right into the cut scene.  Between character transitions are probably the best.  I won’t spoil it for you.  Looks great.

Clothes and whatnot:  Tons of new stuff.  Haircuts, tats, custom cars, custom guns, etc.

There are tons of extra little “games” tennis, golf, video games, buying stock—  I’ve barely scratched the surface.  The map is huge.  And I just recently uncovered a tie-in to a GTA 4 character.

If you’re a gamer, take all your old games, trade them in online and use the money to buy GTA5 if you have to.  It’s just phenomenal.