Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is the hot and funny, Natasha Leggero.  Let’s take a look at her tweets.


September 3rd:  “I wish all the restaurants at LAX would release a cookbook so I could recreate some of these delicacies at home.”

Step 1:  Cook food.

Step 2:  Store it for two days over its expiration date.

Step 3:  Serve.

September 3rd:  “Watch Brickleberry tonight on Comedy Central with and me!”

An excellent show, by the way.  Total recommend.  And while we’re plugging, did I mention the bros appearing in the Miserable Comedians Kickstarter?

September 9th:  “I’m in this “: is “far and away the best comedy of Yahoo!’s new fall crop” ””

Neat.  I’m liking this and your new hot tub show.

September 13th:  “My James Franco roast set unedited:

Solid set.  Like Sarah Silverman only talented and hot.

September 13th:  “Dream man= Harry Styles mind in Assad’s body.”

Is it just my imagination or does that dude have a permanent starter stash?

September 13th:  “

That is the link to Natasha’s website.

September 13th:  “All my minks are grass-fed.”

You are high maintenance, ‘tash.

September 13th:  “What’s the most glamorous setting for an emotional breakdown?”


September 13th:  “My dream is to be on the cover of O magazine.”

My dream is to see you on the cover of Oui magazine.

September 14th:  “I think your 30’s is a good time to stop waiting in line for ice cream.”

Yeah, I could totally start pushing the little kids out of the way by then.

September 15th:  “I can’t wait to sail to Europe with my second husband!”

Pool boy or assistant gardener?

September 16th:  “I love a good Jjim Jil Bang.”

That’s like Korean bbq, only more naked and segregated.

3 hours ago:  “Whoever is tattooing the permanent eyeliner on Simon Cowell’s eyes is doing a wonderful job.”

Ba-zing!  Take that, formerly important celebrity.

Okay, let’s rate Natasha’s tweets.  Solid.  Good mix of material and some plugs.  Plus a link to her new Youtube show, which sounds promising.  I give Natasha a 9 for Insanity, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  She has a 9 for an overall score.  I’m going to roll that up to a 10 because, ya know, she is pretty hot.  Follow Natasha.  You’ll laugh and have a boner!

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