I love video games and I especially love GTA.  I’m blocking out huge chunks of time for my impending purchase on September 17th because I know the game will bring much awesome.  But here now are ten things, I don’t think you’ll ever see in Grand Theft Auto V.

1.  A tea party challenge (deliver scones and tap X to be incredibly polite).

2.  Mormon Challenge (convert 10 heathens through the strength of prayer and by tapping square)

3.   A Breaking Bad parody (just kidding.  That’s probably at least 1/3 of the game.)

4.  Successfully make a lobster bisque.

5.  Pedestrians that get out of their car and apologize after driving like assholes.

6.  Pedestrians who pick up guns during Free Mode to defend themselves (although that would be very cool).

7.  Defrost your fridge’s freezer challenge

8.  Sort through the TV shows that your Tivo recorded and delete the ones you won’t watch challenge

9. Wait in line at the DMV challenge

10.  Maintain a restful sleep for 8 hours in real time challenge