Not sure when I wrote this.  I’m think it was around 2006, maybe earlier.  I dunno.  I was thinking I could maybe do some audio-only skits or something.  But it’s pretty dated now and you’ll see why.

Great American Heroes during the Vietnam Conflict:

Volume 1: George W. Bush

MUSIC:  Heroic, uplifting music


            The History Station proudly presents, Great American

            Heroes during the Vietnam Conflict.  This week,

we look at the record of another great American

hero, George W. Bush.  We take you back to the

days of the Vietnam Conflict.  Texas, May 1st,

1972.  A young man who will one day be president,

writes home.

SFX:  Sound of writing on paper and Vietnam sounds.

                                    GEORGE W.

            (in earnest, worried)

Dear Mom and Dad.  Everywhere I look, I am

reminded of Vietnam.  The jungles, the machine

            gun fire, the screaming civilians, the blood of

            American service men…I don’t know why they

            show this stuff on TV.

SFX:  Clicks off TV, Vietnam sounds abruptly stop.

                                    GEORGE W.

            Conflict is Hell.  It sure is as hot as Hell here

that’s for sure.  It’s worse in the mornings.  It takes

about 20 minutes for the air-conditioners to kick in.

Not that I’m complaining.  I’m sure dad had it

much worse when he was a pilot.  They were real

men back then during the Great War.  I’ll bet his

commander didn’t yell at him for taking an Igloo

full of Heinekin on a jet.


            Relieve the events of a true American hero through

            his own words…

                                    GEORGE W.

            When I see all the hippies and beatniks tearing up

            their draft cards it sickens me.  I was so upset today,

            I nearly left the mall before I finished my shopping.

            Yes, the Vietnam Era was a turbulent time in

            our nation’s history, but throughout it all, one

            man sailed through it unscathed!

                                    GEORGE W.

            It gets so dark here at night, mom and dad.

            I can barely see my own beer in front of my



            George W. Bush, one of the great heroes of


SFX:  Snorting coke.

                                    GEORGE W.

            Oh, yeah.  That’s good.

written by: Tony DiGerolamo, Copyright 2006