Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is father Bluth himself, Jeffrey Tambor.  Funny on the show and in everything (Larry Sanders Show anyone?), let’s see if his tweets match up.


July 8th:  “Birthday W O O O H O O O O”

These tweets are actually vertical.  Just FYI.  And happy birthday, Jeffrey.  Hey, now!

July 11th:  “About to Appear In Black robes good wife Slimming Honored

This sounds like a confusing haiku.

July 11th:  “My son 8 Oh and by the Way Love your work”

Get him out of Hollywood, Jeffrey.  Now.

July 12th:  “Great News For ‘Arrested Development’ Fans via

Definitely have to find out who killed the other Lucielle.

July 12th:  “Uhhh Havent read the article. Dont know anything bout it So relax all. And enjoy season 4 I Say I”

Turns out, George Sr. kills everyone in Season 5. Can’t believe it.

July 12th:  “On Craig Fergusson Wednesday What Should I wear?”

A suit.

July 12th:  “No Check that CRAIG ON THURSDAY Fergusson”

Oh, that’s casual Thursday.  Go with Tommy Bahama.

July 15th:  “Wearing shorts Under my robes On We’re The Only ones Who know Shhhhh


July 19th:  “ Sorry couldnt resist I adore you Sorry to crash your Comicon Panel Youre the best”

Aye-yi, Captain.

July 21st:  “Out of All limbs And Senses somewhat Intact I think I wore My id neck tag in My shower”

They’re designed to be worn in the shower.  Not that anyone that attends does that.

July 21st:  “I am shouting From rooftops I am one of the owners Of S ooooooooo Proud”

Nice and you carry graphic novels!  Let me know if you need any of these, I’ll cut you a deal.

July 21st:  “thank you so much Ill I am honored great panel great dinner great shower great zzzzzzzzz honored”

Oh, that’s right!  You’re Professor Cakes on China, Ill!  Another awesome show you’re on.

July 22nd:  “Yes yes Of course mention My name at Skylight BOOKS Curious myself as To the reaction Go see the new annex”

Do we get a discount?

July 23rd:  “By the way Ive had shelf Awareness For yesrs”

Ba-dum-dum!  Keesh!

July 23rd:  “Sunday at SXSW Interactive: Jeffrey Tambor is a Spiritual Healer :: Culture :: Features :: Paste

Just like in Season 4 of AR!

July 23rd:  “No No Not a new investor An Original investor Honored”

Prove it.  How many pennies in the take a penny, leave a penny jar?

July 26th:  “Get Ready For More “Arrested Development” via

Need more of you, Jessica Walter and Tony Hale.

Okay, let’s rate Jeffrey’s tweets.  Tons of behind the scenes.  This is what I like to see.  Totally genuine tweets.  I give him a 9 for Insanity, 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Totally follow Jeffrey.

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