Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is the Dice Man himself, Andrew Clay.  I once saw Dice live in L.A. at a open mic night and let me tell you, he was funny as Hell.  Don’t sell Dice short, bros.  Now let’s see if his tweets match up.


February 27th:  “Who watched Tosh.0 tonight?! Great workin with Daneil Tosh! Talented funny guy ! & lots of fun http://say.ly/lku5g8f

Oh, yeah, that was a good one.  Your cameo was a total surprise.

February 27th:  “What do you guys think of me doing a podcast??? Let’s just say its in the works….”

I could see it.  Bill Burr’s is excellent.

February 28th:  “Gettin ready for my show tonight at Stand Up Live in Phoenix AZ …..who’s cummin ?!??”

Good town, Phoenix.  Hot as shit, but might be nice in February.

March 18th:  “So I met this girl Patty taday ..,.,, she bleached then dyed her asshole green in honor of St Patricks Day…….I t… http://say.ly/lwB5oaa


March 28th:  “Back at Hard Rock tonight with @ejkerrigan gonna be good….”

Eleanor Kerrigan, she from the Philly area.  I know, most stand up comics avoid Philly like the plague.  Can’t blame ya.  We booed Santa.

March 30th:  “Friday nights suck balls in Vegas! A lot of shows are dark … But I’m still standing… Ya hea? I like this crowd tho, @ejkerrigan is killin it., walking out now!”

Hey, you gotta hit the Bunny Ranch at some point.

March 31st:  “I love Pin-Up piglets, they really make my dick jump…. Anyone go ta that Viva thing this weekend in Vegas?? Hope yous have a Nice Easter”

Pin-up Piglets?  Must be a Vegas thing.  Can’t find them on Google.

April 1st:  “Just finished last show of week at Hard Rock Las Vegas w/ @ejkerrigan …great crowds, THANKS….. goin to get a drink now”

Where do the comics go after a show?  Private bar?  Strip club?  Definitely not another comedy club I’m guessing.

April 3rd:  “Someone asked me why I still wear the Leathers!?! What do yous think??? Should I go tux?!”

I could see a transition to it.  Frank Sinatra wore one and it is Vegas.

Okay, let’s rate Dice’s tweets.  I’d like to learn more about his behind-the-scenes goings-on in Vegas.  Nice pics.  Minimum plugs.  I give him a 6 for Mustness, an 8 for Style and an 8 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 7.3, but I’m awarding a bonus to make it an even 9, because I like Dice and you should follow him.

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