I know this is sudden.  We’ve only been seeing each other for a few days, but I know a good thing when I see it.

Let’s get married BioShock Infinite!

I remember when I first heard about you.  Your sisters Bioshocks were great.  As a fan of strange alternate histories and Libertarianism, they hit many of my buttons.  But you hit them all.

I love your olde tyme music and your 1912 setting.  Your retro look that’s even retro compared to previous Bioshocks.  I love your first shooter gameplay with many weapons, customizable ones and alternate history technologies.  I love your political themes through the story line which then becomes more complicated when dimensional travel is added.  The addition of a sidekick and then the removal of the same said sidekick also mixes it up.  I enjoy traveling fast on skylines while shooting, shooting, shooting everyone and everything in sight.

Not that you don’t have a softer side.  Your colors and sound are amazing.  The detail in your side characters is incredible and go such to an in depth level I can hardly believe you’re one tidy package.  And your story, well, I won’t give it away.  A man tries to save a woman and like us, their relationship is complicated.

So c’mon, what do you say Bioshock?  And don’t worry.

My wife’s a very understanding woman.