Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Rebel Wilson.  Actress, writer, producer and one of my favorite supporting characters in Workaholics.  (She played the female Juggalo that seduces Adam.)  Let’s take a look at her tweets.


March 12th:  “I’m not too famous to eat crumbs off my chest x”

I’d like to see that.

March 20th:  “Hey shower curtain! Stop groping me! x”

Texting from the shower?  She’s dedicated.

March 24th:  “Been sitting at home all weekend writing for MTV Movie Awards – unfortunately MTV won’t let me do my strip routine ala Magic Mike…”

I want my MTV…off the cable box because they never play fucking music anymore.

March 24th:  “I’ve also requested a unicorn..but MTV said they don’t have one..dammmmm it…”

Liars.  They gave one to Bam Margera.

March 25th:  “Channing Tatum feels up Rebel Wilson in new MTV Movie Awards promo — VIDEO http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/03/25/mtv-movie-awards-promo-channing-tatum-rebel-wilson/ … via @EW

Any they wouldn’t let you do the Magic Mike bit…

March 25th:  “Here’s the poster we made for MTV Movie Awards… pic.twitter.com/tBW7X5i8AJ

That’s pretty badass.

March 25th:  “I think they may have photoshopped out some of the side-boob…probably for the best…”

Will there be an unedited sideboob version at some point?

March 27th:  “Must Watch: Red Band ‘Pain & Gain’ Trailer is Shocking & Awesome http://www.firstshowing.net/2013/must-watch-red-band-pain-gain-trailer-is-shocking-awesome/ … via @firstshowing

I gotta say, for a Michael Bay movie, that looks pretty awesome.

March 28th:  “Got a new personal best at the gym this morning…arrived only 5 minutes late x”

C’mon, Rebel, don’t work off that glorious ass.

March 31st: “HAPPY EASTER everyone! I’m hunting chocolate bunnies with my mouth!”

Now that’s the workout I pictured.

Okay, let’s rate Rebel’s tweets.  Rebel’s a busy girl.  She seems to be in everything these days.  Her Twitter seems pretty genuine.  A little behind the scenes stuff, low on plugs.  Not bad.  I give her a 7 for Insanity, a 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Follow Rebel.

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