How this movie ever made it past me and not into my local arthouse theater in 2005, I’ll never know.  John Malkovich plays Alan Conway, a 2nd rate con man that pretends to be Stanley Kubrick to score free booze, meals and hotel rooms.  It’s based on a true story and was written by one of Kubrick’s assistants.

The great thing about it is how pathetic all the characters are.  Conway is sad enough, but the people he cons are even sadder in some ways: a struggling heavy metal band, an anxious restaurant owner and desperate singer.  There’s a certain ruthlessness about Conway, as he never seems to feel for his targets.  Malkovich’s performance is amazing, as he does some of the strangest accents of all time.

Kubrick fans and Malkovich fans alike, you have to see this.  Put it in your Netflix cue next chance you get.