Our pledgemaster may not know where his first class is or what time or what his eventual major will be.  But after seven years of college, he is prepared to sit in judgment!  Let the judgment begin!

Dennis Rodman: Fratty Again

Could Dennis Rodman bring down the Iron Curtain in North Korea using basketball?  Either way, it’s probably a sweet paycheck and it’s a start.  Welcome back to Fratty, Dennis.

Jimmy Fallon: Fratty?

You know, Fallon is definitely a step up from Leno, but oh, what might have been if Letterman or O’Brien had the chair.  Potential Frattiness.

Archer:  So God damned Fratty

If you have missed the current season of Archer, you’re missing the best one yet.  The one with Anthony Bourdain was fucking priceless.

Furniture in Starbucks: Not Fratty

Get some more chairs, Starbucks.  And while you’re at it, build a Starbucks so enough people can loiter and get good and wired on your caffeine.  Is making it impossible to sit down during the busiest times part of the business model?

A Toddler Cured of HIV:  Very Fratty

Holy shit!  Could we actually go back to a time where the biggest fear of riding bare back is a baby and the Clap?  So Fratty.

The Harlem Shake: So Not Fratty

I was sick of this shit the moment I saw it.  There’s the shark, please jump it and go.

A Game of Thrones:  So Fratty

I am so late to the party with this, but finally I’m caught up.  Season 3 is just around the corner and I never so much wanted to be back playing D&D again.  So many glorious moments of sword fighting and titties.  How can you not love this show?

The News:  Not Fratty

I am so God damned sick of hearing about the Pope and Sequestration.  Report something else or STFU news.  Is there nothing else going on in the world?!

Using Poop to Shield Astronaut:  Awesomely Fratty

Yeah, it’s happening.  This could be the greatest achievement of poop in history!